• "...the will of the people must be sacred and inviolable "
  • "Challenges do not weaken the resolve to succeed. "
  • "Challenges strengthen the determination to excel."
  • "Nations are not built by mere wishful thinking".
  • "I see a new Nigeria on the mountain top ..."


Posted 10 Jul 2017 / Comments

Kano Condolence

Condolence to the Government, People of Kano State and Family of Danmasanin

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Posted 07 Jul 2017 / Comments

Prostate Cancer

Cure for Prostate Cancer: Federal Government to explore herbal medicine exportation

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Posted 03 Jul 2017 / Comments

Research findings

Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu urges stakeholders to commercialise research findings

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Posted 04 Jul 2017 / Comments

CPN Visit's FMST

Computers Professionals (Registration Council of) Nigeria visit to FMST

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